Episode First Shown: September 28th 1969

Candy is jailed in the town of Stillwater. The Cartwrights are meant to meet Candy in the town but the sheriff doesn’t tell them he is jail, saying he doesn’t want ‘outside interference’. Candy is charged with robbery and murder and the sheriff won’t let him prepare a defence.




A dramatic episode in which poor Candy is beaten up, jailed and accused of murder - for starters!

Candy's plight is juxtaposed with that of the Cartwrights who come searching for him in vain, having to deal with crooked townspeople, an incompetent sheriff and, above all, unable at first even to locate
their friend.

Quite a "heavy" episode so I think it's one to watch when you're feeling up-beat.

Three specific comments:

Firstly, I thought this was a good episode featuring all the Cartwrights and Candy. I can't understand why some Bonanza fans think that Candy is taking screen time away from the Cartwrights as Ben, Hoss and Joe get just as much screen time as they did when Adam was there.

Secondly, I always think that David Canary was a talented asset to the series. In this episode I was observing the fact that he is still "untamed" in comparison to the happily settled Cartwrights and I think that makes for some nice contrasting characterisations.

Thirdly, last comment - light-hearted! - did the Cartwrights and their friends never learn not to carry large sums of money around with them LOL???? One reason that Candy gets arrested is the large sum of
money he is carrying!




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