Episode First Shown: September 15th 1968

While attempting to stop lumber tycoon Jason Milburn from cutting down the Nevada forests, Joe meets Kerry Pickett. Kerry has lived on her land for many years but has never filed a claim and now stands in danger of losing her home to Milburn. Itís up to Joe to save the old ladyís land.



"Pines" is one of my very very favourites episodes, right from the beginning where Kerry holds Joe up with a rifle and feels his muscles to see if he's strong enough for any tasks LOL!

Kerry to me has all the real life qualities of women who were pioneers, strength, courage, tenacity and a strong sense of justice. She will not give up her land and her "piney trees" to anyone just because of a lack of a piece of paper (claim to her land).

The theme of Jason Milburn wanting to cut down forests for financial gain is a very modern one too and makes us reflect on the environment and the earth's resources.

There are some very tense and nail-biting moments when Kerry is terrified that her damaged hand may have to be amputated and her appeals to Joe are heart-rending and his responses are so tender and caring.

I won't spoil the story for those of you who haven't yet seen it or replayed the tape but "all's well that ends well".

The chemistry between Joe and Kerry is just wonderful with mutual respect, affection and occasional sparring (two strong characters!). Joe is marvellously kind as he cares for her and she realises that he is a
trustworthy person who will help her. I am certain that Michael and Irene Tedrow also had a terrific chemistry together - this is one of those episodes where you know that there was a perfect blending of acting talents.

I wonder if the fact that Kerry is so real and believable is because the script, very unusually, was written by a woman? Suzanne Clauser in this case.

Given that the portrayal of women was very often poor in Bonanza (a sad reflection of the times) it is so good not to have a "Bonanza bimbo" and a real woman instead. Far from fainting at the sight of a branding Kerry's faintness is due to a damaged hand and no food, perfectly realistic for a woman or a man. There is also a nice touch at the end, after Joe's fight scene, where Kerry literally pulls him back to her cabin
so that she can tend to him - her turn now. I also think that having an elderly woman works perfectly as she and Joe meet as equals, he doesn't have to fall in love and want yet another ill-fated partner "more than anything else in the world" LOL! Instead, a genuine and equal friendship results.

A tremendously satisfying episode, a real treat for all Bonanza fans not just the Joe fans and one in which justice is done.





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