An alternative High Chaparral season


by Tanja




“Had some thoughts this morning in the few minutes before I actually
woke up. So here's a season 5 that should make everyone happy.”




Wind claimed to be Buck's son, because he felt 'THE LONG SHADOW' of jealousy upon him (hey, he's human after all), after Blue ('THE LOST ONE') returns and is taken back into the loving arms of his family.  (He had to 'FOLLOW HIS HEART'.)

When Wind's little lie is discovered, he wants to leave 'TO RIDE THE SAVAGE LAND', but Buck persuades him to stay, 'cause lyin' ain't no 'HANGING OFFENCE'.

Victoria has adopted a little girl that she found on the steps of
the church, when she went to pray to 'OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE'. She has been hiding the child through most of season 4 with the help of the bunkhouse boys, because she was afraid John would turn the girl over to the Sisters of Mercy.


Of course, John is very understanding about it, (after Victoria's reassurance that the girl will be 'NO TROUBLE AT ALL'), and the ranch house is filled with the 'JOYFUL NOISE' of the child's laughter.

'ONCE A DAY IN SPRING' 'THE old LION OF SONORA' rides through the front gate. His death turns out to be just another joke. After he explains that he did it to see if his son would 'STAND FOR SOMETHING MORE' Manolito and
Victoria forgive him.

Last scene:
Wind: 'IT TAKES A SMART MAN' to admit his mistakes
Blue: There's 'A TIME TO cry, A TIME TO laugh'

                    THE   END