By Heleen





The Return of Blue


John sitting in the room and drink his coffee, was thinking how it was with his son. Buck came inside. “Hello John, I go to Tucson and get supplies”.


“Good,” said John. “You be back tomorrow.”


“Goodbye John, I go away and take Manolito with me.”


Buck get the barrow and tight the horses and leave. When he arrived he stopped for the store and get from his barrow and walk into the store.


“Good morning Jack!”


“Good morning Buck, how do you do?”


“Good, Buck said. I come get supplies.”


 On that moment someone came inside and said to Buck, “I have a letter for John, shall I give it to you?”


“That’s all right”, said Buck. Buck read on the back side of the envelope that the letter is coming from Blue. He was curious how it was with the boy. Buck was make a hurry and get the supplies and went to the ranch.



Los Angeles


In the meantime Blue prepared his wife and his 5 year old son for the big journey to his father. Blue hasn’t write in the letter that he coming back with his wife and son, it must be a surprise.


Blue said against Sara his wife, “do you have get all things what you need?”


“Yes,” Sara said to Blue. “This journey is very long and some of the areas are dangerous, but I doing my best to protect you against the Indians. I go get Johnny for the big journey,” said Sara.


Everything was packed and they driving to the station and stepped into a train. It’s two days traveling and very tired journey and they need to sleep in an hotel somewhere. Against the evening they arrived in Phoenix and they going into an hotel for sleeping the night.



On the ranch


In the meantime Buck was arrived on the ranch and stop from the barrow and run into the house. “John! John! Where are you?”


Victoria came inside and ask what’s the matter.


“I have a letter from Blue. Where’s John?”


“John is working with the men and coming back soon.”


Buck said, “I don’t wait, and go after him.”


Buck go after John and found him with the cattle on the land.


“John! John, a letter from Blue.”


John was surprised and open the letter very fast. He read Blue is coming back. Never in his life was he so happy as this moment.


John said against Buck, “Blue is coming at home.”


“O, John, my Blueboy is coming home.”  Buck was so happy that he tells this to Sam, Manolito, Joe and Pedro and Reno.






The next day Blue get the barrow and horses and load the barrow and said to Sara, “Take Johnny with us and we leaving now.”


Sara take her son and step into the barrow. Johnny said to his father and mother, “how long it takes for we arrived there, mam and dad?”


“We are there in the afternoon, Johnny. We have a long way to go before we are there.”

“Do you think that grandfather are happy to see us daddy?”


“Yes of course Johnny,” said Blue.


It was very hot that day and they had extra water. Between the ride they stopped for give the horses rest. After 15 minutes the leaving again and riding further. The hours going past and Blue and his family came closer to his father and Uncle Buck.


On the ranch


In the meantime the men go back to work with the cattle. They ride the cattle to the land and branding the cows.


Buck was in his mind somewhere else and stared to the country if he sees Blue. And suddenly he saw someone with a horse and barrow coming but don’t recognize him because he’s too far from him. Buck waiting patiently till he’s closer and saw it was Blue boy.


“Hi Blue boy, I, am glad to see you again. Good afternoon Mrs.” he said to Sara.


“Uncle Buck, this is Sara my wife and Johnny my son.”


“What,” Buck said, “are you married? What nice Blue boy. Good afternoon Sara and Johnny. Come boy lets go to your father.”


They riding to the ranch and Victoria came outside and saw Blue with his wife and son. “John, Blue is coming.” John is coming outside and saw his son with his wife and son.


“Pa, may I introduce you my wife Sara and my son Johnny.”


John get almost tears in his eyes when he saw his family but stopped crying. “What I, am happy to see you. Come in and drink a cup of coffee.” He takes the little Johnny in his arms and carried him inside and said to him, “what are you a big boy now.”


“Hello grandfather, are here Indians?”


“Yes, Johnny but they don’t live here but somewhere else. Sara, how nice to meet you,” said John. “You may live here forever if you want that,” he said to Blue. “Buck will help you with the barrow unloading and get the barrow away.”









Blue didn’t answer but he thought, I will see it first if father is changed for me.


Victoria get some coffee in and for the little boy lemonade. Blue tell us all about Los Angeles how was it there?”


“It’s really fantastic pa. I get a job with drawing, and I drawing for a comic magazine. I get a lot of money pa, and they give me a rise.”


“What fantastic my son, I be proud on you.”


Buck was so proud on Blue boy, it was almost if he was proud on his own son. “I hope you can stay for a long time.”


Cattle stolen


In the meantime there is a problem with the cattle. There are a few Indians that stealing John’s cattle, because the man don’t watching too good. Sam goes to John to tell him that. John was very mad and said to Blue and Buck, “I must go talk with Cochise. Sent Manolito to me than we go talk with Cochise.”


One hour later Manolito arrived and said, “John I go with you, I’m sorry that we not watching too good.”


“I am sorry has no use anymore, you must do better watching next time.” answered John mad!


John said to Sam, “Saddle my horse, than I go with Manolito to Cochise.”


“Good, Mr. Cannon,” said Sam.


Ten minutes later came Sam and said “Mr. Cannon your horse is ready.”


“Good,” said John, “we leaving now.”


Victoria said, “John do be careful,”

“I will see you again, don’t you worry about that. I’m coming back,” and kissed Victoria.


“Pa,” said Blue. “Shall I go with you?”


“No boy you stay here with your wife and child and do it take it easy today, take your relaxation.”


“Okay pa,” said Blue. John going away.


To Cochise


They riding for a few hours and take a 15 minutes break.


“John,” said Manolito, “what you doing when the horses are not there?”


“I go first talking than we see what we do than. The cows where stolen by Indians and you saw that, but you cannot catch the cow thieves.”


They must stay somewhere. They came in the Indian area and were surrounded by the Indians. Then they stepped to them and walk with the two of them to Cochise.


Manolito said, “We will talk with Cochise.”


They guided them to Cochise and said sit down.







Cochise said, “We go first smoke a pipe.”


Manolito translated that to John and he said “No, first we talk and than smoke a pipe.”


Manolito said, “John we shall first smoke a pipe than we can talk further.”


“All right,” said John, “let’s do that first.”


After smoking pipe John said, “Now I will know where is my cattle that is stolen from me. Tell that to them Manolito.”


Manolito translated that to Cochise and he said, “No we don’t have seen your cattle and never stolen.”


Manolito said, “The man that standing near the cattle have seen three Indians that stolen the cattle, but they disappeared so fast they couldn’t stop them.”


Cochise denying again and said, “No, we don’t have cattle.”


Manolito translated that to John and John said, “If this will not be resolved than we must do that with violence.”


“John how could you said this to Cochise!” said Manolito.


“You say it to him, Manolito.”


Manolito said that, and Cochise he were mad and said, “There is no peace between us!” And leaving.


John said, “I don’t accept that someone steal my cattle. We going back and decided what we doing later.”


Manolito and John go away with the horses. After three hours they were back again.


Buck said, “Hi John how is it going?”


“Not too good I think. They denying everything.”


“What you going to do about that, John?” said Buck.


“I shall use my weapons. We search for the Indians who do that. The cows I don’t see there at that moment, so they must walk around somewhere. Saddle your horse and go with me.”


“Pa, shall I go with you,” said Blue?


“No boy, you stay here with your family.”


 Blue was mad on his father. He’s not allowed to go with him. This is the second time he don’t go with his father.


Sara said to Blue, “Why is your father so protective for you.”



“He’s been always like that. I must stay on the ranch because I was too young, said my father. My father sees me as a boy and not a man. I think he’ll never change.”


On that moment his father came inside and said, “Blue I changed my mind you go with me too.”


Blue stopped to thinking and kissed Sara goodbye and go with his father.


They riding a few hours and take a break for rest and eat and drink. After a half hour they riding again and came in the desert and saw the Indians and the cattle. John take his gun and shooting on them. The Indians riding so fast they could away and shooting to them too. One Indian was wounded and Blue takes that Indian.


John and Manolito and Buck get the cattle back and John said to Blue, “Take them with you, we care his wound from the Indian.”


“Okay pa, Come with me,” and he helped the Indian on his horse and climb on the backside too.








In the meantime was Victoria talking with Sara and her son. “I will show you the house later and the bedrooms from you.”


“Yes, that’s good.” Sara said. “What a beautiful ranch is this and I see there a grave too. Is there someone buried from the family?” said Sara.


“Yes Sara, it’s Blue’s mother who is killed by Apaches.”


“O, what sad for him,”


“Mama,” said Johnny, “may I watching the horses, I like that.”


“Yes, I will go later with you but don’t asking many times you don’t go alone Johnny.”

“Please! Mama go with me.”


“No, Johnny you must stop with asking because I don’t go when you asking again.”


“Okay mama, I don’t do it again.”


On the way back home


In the meantime John, Buck, Manolito and Blue riding back home with the cattle. It was a long ride. The day was very hot and the ride takes too long, so it feels. It was too hot for riding a long time and need every time to stop for a break and drink.


After a ride from 4 hours they were finally back at the ranch. Victoria and Sara hear they are coming and run outside.


Sara was glad Blue was back and give him a kiss. “Blue how nice to see you again, and I was worried about you.”


“Don’t worry about me I used to it this life. Do you had a nice talking with Victoria?”


“Yes, that’s for sure. She’s a kind woman.”


“Yes, she is,” said Blue.


That evening they have the first dinner with the whole family and little Johnny sit at the table and Sara help him to give him food on the plate.


“Go eat and not talking now if you eat.”


“Yes, mama,” said Johnny.


John said, “It feels good to have the whole family here at this table. It’s long ago that we are with the whole family at this table.”


“Yes,” said Blue. “If you will see me as a man and not a boy anymore that will help pa,”


“Okay boy, I will try to change. You are growing older and adult I see that too.”


“Thank you pa, that you see finally that I changed.”


Buck smiled softly and thought what nice to see that Blue and John have found each other.


The  End.