My first Bonanza fanfiction stories.
2. The Good Doctor.
Rating G:
Joe goes missing in San Francisco.
1. Stephanie.   Rating G:
My very first Bonanza fanfic
Adam blames Joe for his fiancee's death
4. Joseph Cartwright R.I.P
Rating G:
Joe's family are given devastating news.
3. The Dark Void
Rating G:
Joe loses his memory.
6. The Homecoming. Rating G:
Adam comes home from college.
Companion piece to The Departure.
5. The Departure. Rating G:
Adam leaves the Ponderosa.
Companion piece to The Homecoming
8. The Step-Brother.
Rating G:
Ben intends to marry again.
7. The Lie.
Rating G:
Joe lies to help a friend.
10. A Lesson for Miss Sprigg.
Rating G:
Joe is having trouble at school.
9. The Sailor.
Rating G:
An old friend of Ben's arrives at the ranch.
11. Disappearance.
Rating G:
Joe is sent to stay in Virginia City.
12. A Kind of Wild Justice
Rating G:
A new ranch hand spells trouble
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