Thoughts on Leaving




This restlessness has grown within me

Till now I know itís to time for me to go

To see new lands, seek new horizons

And to say goodbye to everything I know


To say goodbye to the forests of pine

The mountains towering above

The sparkling lake with its deep blue depths

The land that I know and love


To say goodbye to the sturdy ranch house

The home I helped my father make

Itís been my shelter and my haven

And leaving it will make my heart ache


But the land and the house are just things

And the hardest part for me

Is saying goodbye to the people I love

My treasured family


I know my leaving will hurt my brothers

And break my fatherís heart

They donít really understand why Iím going

And why we have to part


They donít understand this wanderlust

This need explore new places

To visit a world far beyond these shores

See new sights and meet new faces


But I know wherever I go, be it near or far

Theyíll be with me in my heart

And I know that theyíll welcome me when I return

No matter how long weíre apart


For thatís what a family is all about

Letting you do what you must

And sending you off with a smile, not a tear

Carrying all of their love and their trust