Heidi’s answer to the Challenge





It was a dark and stormy night whereby the best thing was that you stayed inside. That went also for the inhabitants of the High Chaparral. Though there were two cowboys who had ended up somewhere else. That were Buck Cannon and Manolito Montoya. They were on their way home when the storm began. The two decided to shelter in a deserted cabin.


"Let's stay there until the storm is over", Buck suggested.


They rode towards it and dismounted. Quickly the horses got put into the stable. At the door Manolito tripped over something whereby he let show that he knew also a lot of invectives in Spanish. Buck was more careful, walked to the door and lighted the light.


"Mano, do you always walk across a broken wagon wheel?” he asked innocent.


"Very funny Buck. Who leaves a broken wagon wheel lying around here?” Manolito asked indignant.


"The Easter bunny? Just come inside now", reacted Buck.


Manolito grabbed the wheel along to inside.


There hung a strange sphere in the house which the two noticed. The light which Buck had put on went out by itself. While touching everything the friends checked the strange house.


"Mano, we have ended up somewhere where it isn't right. Perhaps the house is bewitched", Buck said after a while.


"You are maybe right amigo", was the answer of Manolito.


"Maybe? I am just right", Buck reacted Buck fierce.


Suddenly they heard a sound which clearly l sounded like a pair of spurs. Both drew their revolver but the sound remained sounding. They walked carefully in the direction of the sound but then the sound stopped.


"I am curious which we will be hearing next", sighted Buck.


He wasn't easy to get scared but this house gave him the shivers.


"Come Buck. We go ahead with our inspection", Manolito said optimistic.


They walked through the empty house. Suddenly they fell over something. Again the invectives flew over and again in Spanish and English. Manolito touched where they had fallen over and he knew enough.


"Buck, what is this wardrobe trunk doing here in the middle of the aisle?” asked the Mexican.


"You mustn't ask me that but that wardrobe trunk", Buck reacted indignant.


"Are you the most funniest person in the house with your mild remarks?” asked Manolito.


"Yeah, but not the most friendly because that is the door knob", said Buck.


"Why?” asked Manolito.


"It shakes everybody's hand", was the answer.


Fortunately Manolito was so wise not to say anything back. Because both gentlemen were very tired the sleep hit them and in a corner they fell asleep.


Halfway the night Buck woke up because he got tickled by something. He hit around him and got hold of the culprit. He lighted a match and saw that it was a purple glove. The thing got put into his pocket. But the glove flew out of his pocket and began to bother Manolito. Buck turned around and fell asleep again. Manolito on his turn hit the glove away. After a while the glove had disappeared as sudden as it had arrived.


At a certain moment they both woke up.


"Mano, are you hearing what I hear?” asked Buck.


"I hear nothing", said Manolito.


"Me neither. Are you going home as I don't trust it here", said Buck.


"I follow you right away", said the Mexican.


In no time the two friends were out of the house and on their way to their safe home address.